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It seemed like a good idea at the time… but

It is prudent to avoid being placed in a situation where you must defend your actions. Although an impatient driver behind you may insistently sound his horn, it is always better to wait. Readers might disagree, but the following case illustrates how you may be found partially at fault for a collision, having made a

Causation in personal injury cases clarified

In Clements v. Clements [2012] S.C.J. No. 32 the Supreme Court of Canada examined  causation where several possible causes, but only one tortfeaser, may have caused injury. The case presented an unusual set of facts and unusual circumstances.  Most frequently, issues of causation arise when the court examines which of two or more tortfeasors caused

Gary Cohen gives presentation on An Historic Dragon Boating Race in Israel

Gary Cohen gives presentation on An Historic Dragon Boating race in Israel. A PDF of his presentation is here. A link to the website with more information about Dragon Boat Israel can be found here.

Succession Planning – Family First OR Business First?

The manufacturing business founded by the parents has been operating for 20 years and although successful is facing growing competition. The parents work in the business with 2 of their 4 children. Parents and children are shareholders of the company. The parents, in their capacity as directors, have decided to replace some aging manufacturing equipment