Author: Garth Edwards, Partner

The Changing Face of Family Law

The legal system does not serve families well. Division 1 of the Family Law Act is titled “Resolution Out of Court Preferred”. The new Family Law Act recognises alternate dispute resolution as a valuable tool of first choice and puts a duty on lawyers to advise clients of resources such as mediation, collaborative practise, family

Do You Need A Parenting Coordinator?

Parenting coordinators are specially trained individuals empowered by couples or by a court to resolve disputes for separated families. Lawyers who are parenting coordinators are experienced family law lawyers trained in mediation and arbitration. Some families find that they continue to be unable to agree on issues such as: implementation of separation agreements or court

Collaborative Divorce– How It Can Help You

Here’s how this practice can work for you: Team work We utilize divorce coaches who are counsellors or psychologists trained in the nuances of divorce and family law.  They assist with stress reduction, communication skills and parenting issues where needed. Safe and co-operative The strength of the collaborative process is that we can handle the