Author: Shannon Kwok, Partner

Incorporating a Professional Corporation

Certain professionals such as accountants, architects, physicians, and dentists may provide services through a corporation. While such corporation is formed in the say way as a business corporation, the governing body of each profession has its own set of rules and/or bylaws setting out the requirements in the formation of the professional corporation. Procedure The

Do I Need A Lawyer To Incorporate A Company?

There is no legal requirement to retain a lawyer to incorporate a company. Any person can incorporate a company. There are however benefits in retaining our services to incorporate a company for you. Name reservation The first step in incorporating a company is to reserve a name. When submitting the name approval request, one can

What to watch for when preparing business contracts

It is common for businesses to enter into business contracts for an exchange of services for value.  While a contract can be oral or written, it is best to have it written as a written contract is always easier to prove, and reduces arguments as to who said what.  When preparing a business contract, beware

Enduring Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney (“POA”) is a legal document which appoints another person (the “Attorney”) to make legal and financial decisions for you.  An enduring POA is a POA which continues to have effect while, or come into effect when you are incapable.  It is a very useful estate planning tool in the event you