Derek is a civil litigator with considerable experience in personal injury and commercial matters. He has been practicing law in British Columbia since 2002, after obtaining his Bachelor of Arts (International Relations) degree in 1997 and his Bachelor of Laws degree in 2001, both from the University of British Columbia.

Derek has appeared in all levels of British Columbia’s Provincial and Superior Courts, as well as various federal and provincial administrative tribunals. He is also experienced with both formal and informal mediation processes.

In practice, Derek is detail-oriented and goal focused. He is often able to find flexible approaches to quantifying loss, particularly in cases involving sole proprietorships or closely-held companies, where record keeping has been less than ideal. Derek is very comfortable with complex financial documents and business records. When necessary, he coordinates his efforts with economists, vocational specialists and other experts, to get the best possible evidence to quantify a claim.

Derek is fluent in Cantonese, with a strong working knowledge of Mandarin. When not practicing law, he enjoys swimming, being an amateur watchmaker, and spending time with his family.