Our clients are empowered with up-to-date information and timely advice to help resolve matters of wills, trusts and the administration of estates.

We will protect and advocate foryour interest in the estate of a spouse or parent. We will explain the obligations and procedures of trustees and executors, and one’s rights with respect to the estate of a spouse or parent. Throughout, we focus on practical and cost-effective solutions.

We understand that the death of a loved one can bring a variety of legal issues. Perhaps you have been named the executor in a will or you feel unfairly treated by a deceased parent or spouse under the terms of the will, or your family members have decided to contest the will.

Unexpected issues can leave you feeling overwhelmed, particularly if you are still grieving. How you respond will influence the outcome and also your future relationships with others involved.

Three steps to resolving estate disputes

  1. Get a strategy 
    Estate disputes can have significant financial and emotional consequences. Without proper guidance and strategic legal advice, these matters can spiral out of control and distract you from protecting your rights and those in your care.
  2. Take control
    Get legal counsel early. We have advised on complex family and estate matters for more than 30 years. We represent executors, trustees and beneficiaries in all aspects of estate litigation. Your concerns will be effectively addressed and resolved according to your needs and rights in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Take control as soon as possible.
  3. Consider all options for resolution
    Not necessarily litigation, but litigation if necessary
    The way to resolve a contentious matter can include negotiation, mediation and arbitration. These alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options [link to ADR webpage] keep matters outside of court, help preserve relationships, and keep legal costs reasonable while achieving just and fair results.
    However, when the situation demands it, we will recommend escalating the matter to the courts. We have successfully represented clients in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, as well as the British Columbia Court of Appeal.
    We regularly act for spouses and children making claims under the Wills Variation Act as well as beneficiaries defending against similar claims. Our understanding of both sides gives us a unique perspective on what will and will not work and helps us anticipate possible strategies of opposing counsel.