Our lawyers advise individuals, married and divorced persons, single parents, parents with children with disabilities, and entrepreneurs who are concerned about the challenges of their personal and corporate succession strategies. Ask us about any of the following services:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Powers of attorney
  • Representation agreements
  • Alter ego trusts
  • Applications to Probate Registry
  • Estate Freezes

We will preserve your legacy and protect your interests—today, and in the years to come.

Without a plan, you surrender control of your estate to others. Well-meaning, but unprepared individuals must make difficult decisions during times of stress and their “best guess” at your wishes could do you, your family or your business harm.

Take a lead role in your estate and succession plan and save your loved ones undue hardship and financial burden.

Our process starts with listening

Structuring a business succession plan can be confusing and challenging. We will work with you to identify your particular areas of concern, address your unique circumstances and help you develop an appropriate estate plan that complies with current legislation and meets your objectives.

It starts with listening and understanding your needs and wishes. No plan is the same and ours are valued because they are specifically developed for your specific circumstances. The result is a carefully considered and well-defined succession plan that will give you and the important people in your life peace of mind.

Estate Planning + Business Planning = Succession Planning

We will help you

Minimize income tax and court costs
Understand your legal and moral obligations when estate planning
Organize distribution of your assets to named beneficiaries
Maintain family values and vision
Achieve fairness regarding the treatment of underage children
Understand consequences of action or inaction
Create certainty for you and your loved ones

Call on us for

Assurance that legal and moral obligations are understood and fulfilled
Succession planning for your family and business
Comprehensive planning for expected and unexpected life events
Planning for family members with special needs
Peace of mind that your wishes are clearly expressed and understood
Legal strategies when another person’s succession plan impacts you

We are fortunate to have the confidence of financial planners, tax advisors, and trust companies, all of whom refer their clients to Cohen Buchan Edwards LLP.