Topic: Estate Planning

Parents contibution to the purchase of the family home

With the rise in real estate prices in British Columbia, more and more couples are turning to their parents for help to finance the purchase of their family home.  Upon the breakdown of marriage, all parties, including the parents find themselves scrambling to secure their respective interests in the family home. Ideally, the parents would

Advance directives– a new and useful planning tool

With the recent changes in the Health Care (Consent) and Care Facility (Admission) Act (the “Act”), a new planning tool is now available to our clients to deal with the challenges presented by the deterioration and decline in one’s personal well-being. Many clients had expressed frustration at the inadequacy of our legislation surrounding “end of

Enduring Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney (“POA”) is a legal document which appoints another person (the “Attorney”) to make legal and financial decisions for you.  An enduring POA is a POA which continues to have effect while, or come into effect when you are incapable.  It is a very useful estate planning tool in the event you

Succession Planning – Warning Signs

I was asked recently by a group of financial planners to provide them with information regarding common misconceptions of clients when they are considering their succession plans.  My paper was appropriately subtitled “Warning Signs that Legal Advice is Most Likely Needed”. Structuring a succession plan can be confusing and challenging.  Our Estate Planning Group strives

Estate Law – Joint Tenancy and Resulting Trusts

By Jack Buchan, Partner It is usual for spouses to hold the matrimonial home and some of their bank accounts in joint tenancy. When spouses hold accounts or property in joint tenancy, there is a presumption at law that they intend the survivor to have title to the property. The presumption is called a presumption

Administration Of Estates

Wednesday, March 9, 2011 Barry recently did a presentation on the Administration Of Estates to the Richmond Funeral Home Cremation and Reception. Click Here to download the PDF version of Barry’s presentation