Topic: Family Law

The Changing Face of Family Law

The legal system does not serve families well. Division 1 of the Family Law Act is titled “Resolution Out of Court Preferred”. The new Family Law Act recognises alternate dispute resolution as a valuable tool of first choice and puts a duty on lawyers to advise clients of resources such as mediation, collaborative practise, family

What’s Yours May Not Be Mine…

Family property and excluded property under the new Family Law Act (“FLA”) Are you affected by the new rules of property division? “Spouse” now includes someone who is or was living in a “marriage-like relationship” with someone else for at least two years, and in a married relationship. Married or unmarried, if you have had

Do You Need A Parenting Coordinator?

Parenting coordinators are specially trained individuals empowered by couples or by a court to resolve disputes for separated families. Lawyers who are parenting coordinators are experienced family law lawyers trained in mediation and arbitration. Some families find that they continue to be unable to agree on issues such as: implementation of separation agreements or court

Property Rights under British Columbia’s Family Law Act.

What you need to know about Property Rights under British Columbia’s Family Law Act. In our primer on the Family Law Act, we outlined some of the major changes that arise under the new Family Law Act, which became law on March 18, 2013. This article focuses on property rights, which are significantly altered under

New Family Law Act: A Primer.

What you need to know about drastic changes to British Columbia’s Family Law: A Family Law Act Primer We have operated under the Family Relations Act since 1979.  As you may know, that statute has been totally rewritten as the Family Law Act which became law on March 18, 2013. Virtually every aspect of the

Can I borrow the car tonight?

It is important to take good care and to be conscious of those who are allowed to drive your car! Absent theft, a driver is deemed to have your express or implied consent by the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations. (S.86 (1)). If, for example, you lend the family car to your son or daughter, admonishing

Parents contibution to the purchase of the family home

With the rise in real estate prices in British Columbia, more and more couples are turning to their parents for help to finance the purchase of their family home.  Upon the breakdown of marriage, all parties, including the parents find themselves scrambling to secure their respective interests in the family home. Ideally, the parents would

Succession Planning – Family First OR Business First?

The manufacturing business founded by the parents has been operating for 20 years and although successful is facing growing competition. The parents work in the business with 2 of their 4 children. Parents and children are shareholders of the company. The parents, in their capacity as directors, have decided to replace some aging manufacturing equipment

A Common Message Of The Legal Obligations Of A Parent To His Or Her Children

Monday, February 14, 2011 If you are considering preparing or revising your Will, it is important to realize that in British Columbia the law does impose certain obligations which may impact on your wishes. Our firm was recently involved in a case involving a dispute between adult children over disposition of a relatively large estate.