Top Five Reasons You Need To Hire An Immigration Lawyer

So you have decided to immigrate to Canada. Great decision! So do you decide to complete the paperwork by yourself or do you decide to hire a “representative” to assist you in your immigration to Canada?

Canadian Immigration Law is a voluminous patchwork of laws, rules, and policies. It is difficult to understand them in the context of your personal circumstances, unless your job is to interpret Canadian immigration law and apply it in a particular set of facts.

Our lawyers at Cohen Buchan Edwards LLP will work hard to solve your legal problem. We have staff that can assist with interviewing clients in Cantonese, Filipino, German, Greek, and Mandarin

So why hire an immigration lawyer? Here are the top five reasons why:

Number 5:

Lawyers will not guarantee your successful immigration application How is that beneficial to you? Simple: Our lawyers will give you honest and helpful information. You get an honest assessment of your chances at succeeding in your immigration application. If you have a chance at succeeding our lawyer’s job will be to prepare the best application package on your behalf. If on the other hand your chances at success are poor or non-existent we have a duty to advise you accordingly which saves you time and money.

Number 4:

You can say anything you want to your lawyer You have learned it from television and movie courtroom dramas: lawyers have a sworn duty to keep confidential any and all communication with our clients. This is true not just in the television and movie world but in the real world as well. Only you (or a judge through a court order) can waive this privilege. Discussions with immigration consultants who are not lawyers are not protected by privilege. So please speak freely to our lawyers so that we can make a proper assessment of the facts at all times.

Number 3:

No matter how bad your immigration case your lawyer will be by your side Our lawyers can represent you in all aspects of your immigration case, from start to finish, before the administrative immigration tribunals and before the Canadian federal courts. While non-lawyers can represent immigration clients in administrative tribunals, only lawyers can appear in federal courts. We are there to support you every step of the way and give you the best advice throughout the complex immigration process.

Number 2:

The lawyer’s regulatory body is on your side Every Canadian lawyer is registered as a member of the regulatory body that oversees lawyers and their practice, in the public interest. In other words, you get peace of mind that when dealing with a Canadian lawyer you are dealing with a professional who can be held accountable by the regulatory body, if necessary.

Number 1:

Every practicing Canadian lawyer is insured Remember the salesperson who tried to sell you an “extended warranty coverage” on top of the already pricey electronic gadget you bought? Good news when you hire an immigration lawyer: you don’t need to pay your lawyer extra money to make sure the lawyer is insured. No lawyer in Canada can practice without being insured. This is great comfort to you the client, because no matter what you are protected from incompetent legal practice.

Are you convinced? Still have questions? Contact our firm to set up a free initial personal or telephone consultation. As stated in the beginning, we have staff that can assist with interviewing clients in Cantonese, Filipino, German, Greek, and Mandarin.