Cohen Buchan Edwards LLP wins Richmond Chamber of Commerce Business Award


Cohen Buchan Edwards LLP has been recognized by the Richmond Chamber of Commerce as a business committed to quality legal services and community philanthropy for over 35 years.

Cohen Buchan Edwards LLP was inducted in the Business Hall of Fame at the 37th Business Awards of Excellence held this November. You will meet the successful men and women of Cohen Buchan Edwards LLP.

I told my mother that if I was ever recognized by the Academy of Motion Pictures she would be in the audience and I would say hi to her in my acceptance. Well here we are and this recognition will do nicely. To my mother Babs Cohen – all my love for the support you and dad have provided.

Gary Cohen addresses the Richmond Chamber of Commerce

On behalf of the lawyers and staff of Cohen Buchan Edwards LLP, we say thank-you:

  • to our clients who entrusted us to counsel them during their personal and business challenges,
  • to our clients and professionals who have referred their family, friends and associates ,
  • to the support and patience of our families who abided our long absences while we attended to the needs of our clients, and
  • to the Richmond Chamber of Commerce who for 37 years has given recognition to the people who create economic opportunity and prosperity.

Congratulations to all the nominees and finalists for The Business Awards of Excellence.
To you, the business owners we offer this advice:

  • believe in yourself
  • embrace innovation
  • communicate your ideas
  • plan for change
  • trust your employees
  • consult with your advisors
  • be creative
  • give generously to your community

We are honoured and grateful for your recognition of Cohen Buchan Edwards LLP.