Do You Need A Parenting Coordinator?


Lawyers who are parenting coordinators are experienced family law lawyers trained in mediation and arbitration.

Some families find that they continue to be unable to agree on issues such as:

  • implementation of separation agreements or court orders;
  • scheduling conflicts for children;
  • interpreting a parenting plan.

Parenting coordinators can assist you to:

  • monitor children’s adjustments to a parenting plan;
  • facilitate children’s relationship with each parent;
  • assist with communication and the exchange of information;
  • resolve disputes respecting transport of children’s personal possessions between parents, parenting responsibilities, education, participation in extracurricular activities, discipline of children, provision of healthcare and issues of parenting time arising from vacation and special occasions.

Parenting coordinators are appointed after a separation agreement/court order/parenting plan is in place.  The parenting coordinator cannot change the terms of the agreement but deals with the day to day conflicts that may arise on a long term basis.

The parenting coordinator is a neutral party who will educate where necessary, find consensus between the parties, and as a last resort resolve the dispute by making a determination binding on both parents if no common ground can be found.  The process is not privileged or confidential.

At COHEN BUCHAN EDWARDS, LLP we can discuss with you on a fully confidential basis to see if a Parenting Coordinator is an option for you.

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