How do you handle couples going through a divorced but residing in the same home?


It’s been quite common that couples going through the divorce process will continue to reside in the same home, at least for a little while. When you meet with a client who is in such a situation, your first job is to determine whether they are at any risk by continuing to live there. In most cases there is no risk, and after that has been established you’ll have a lengthy discussion with the client about what their preferences are. Do they want to continue living with the other person or do they want to move out?

In many cases, couples can get along just fine while living in the same home. One of the key factors as to whether such a living arrangement will work is whether they both accept that the marriage is over. If they can do that, they can appreciate that the end is in  sight, which allows them to put their issues aside and live together amicably. To put it shortly, a couple going through a divorce but continuing to reside in the same home is a relatively common event.