Personal relationships are the fibre of our community. We also recognize that those relationships change over time. Children get older, our goals may change, our needs may shift over time. Sometimes relationships can survive and even thrive throughout these changes, sometimes they can’t.

The breakdown of a marriage, union or domestic partnership is never easy. Your life will change in ways you probably never expected. Divorce and separation bring dramatic changes to a family’s lifestyle and routines. Much of the change concerns new living arrangements for the parties and the children. Finances are also impacted.

When a relationship breaks down, it’s important to be proactive and protect your family’s interests, as well as your own.

Our Family Law Team has acknowledged and demonstrated expertise in family law matters. We provide a wide range of family law services including:

Through our network, we can connect you with effective divorce coaches, child and financial specialists, realtors and appraisers to ensure you are well-supported through this challenging transition.

We are as effective in court as we are using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation and arbitration. The choice will depend on your family dynamics.

Our clients’ matters sometimes include difficult partners, financial disputes and complex emotional issues. Our frequent success with what’s described as “unresolvable” situations is acknowledged by our peers who frequently refer their clients to us.

Our lawyers hold other related skills, including Parenting Coordinator—a highly accomplished professional with extensive experience and training to help couples implement custodial, guardianship or access agreements.

Relationships may come to an end, but our skills in all family law matters can help you to take back control of your life and work toward a new future.

Collaborative Divorce

There is a common perception that the negotiation of a separation, divorce, guardianship or parenting arrangements must be adversarial. While it’s true that emotions can run high in such negotiations, there is a way to conduct these discussions that create a calmer and less intimidating process.

Collaborative divorce is an option that brings together both parties in an environment where all sides have agreed to be civil and with professional assistance, try to work things out without the threat of court.

One of our partners is a founding member of the Richmond Collaborative Family Law Group (, which strives to achieve solutions for families without resorting to costly and stressful lawsuits.

We encourage you to learn more about the collaborative divorce process (by visiting the website noted above) and contacting us to discuss the possibility of using this alternative process.