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Disputes are an inevitable part of human interaction. The moment business or personal goals find opposition, there is a need to resolve a dispute.

Disputes can be resolved in a variety of ways, starting with rational discussion. When that doesn’t work, it may be time to get a lawyer involved.

This doesn’t mean that a dispute must be resolved in court. Lawyers can use a wide variety of dispute resolution options. In fact, with client permission members of our Litigation and Dispute Resolution team will typically use various techniques in ascending order of aggression – starting with the least litigious (i.e. a conversation or a demand letter), and if necessary – moving into more sophisticated and legally forceful methodologies. We will advise escalating your matter to litigation and a court of law when necessary where we will vigorously advocate for you. Alternatively, other dispute resolution methods such as mediation or arbitration may be used.

If the issue must be resolved in court, you will be in good hands. Our lawyers have represented clients in all types of legal disputes at all levels of court in British Columbia, including the Provincial Court of British Columbia, the Supreme Court of British Columbia, the British Columbia Court of Appeal, as well as the Federal Court.

We can assist with the following types of disputes:

Our clients are varied. We represent individuals and businesses and span a wide range including contractors, developers, private lenders, property owners, beneficiaries, executors and investors. We also act for one of the largest collection firms in British Columbia. Over the past five years our Litigation & Dispute Resolution team has recovered millions of dollars for collection clients. We have won many victories for clients using effective legal strategies, innovative negotiation approaches, and careful preparation throughout the litigation process.

Many disputes are referred to us by other law firms. These matters are often complex, particularly in the areas of family law, estate litigation, and contractual disputes. Our results are rewarded with an esteemed reputation in the legal community, and many long-term clients who refer colleagues, family and friends to our firm.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Clients with an interest in exploring alternatives to the court system may wish to explore Alternative Dispute Resolution (often referred to as ADR). This generally refers to techniques such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration, and can help to minimize time, costs and anxiety. Our firm has vast experience in these areas.

We will attempt to negotiate with the other side to reach an agreement. Mediation, which can often lead to more creative solutions than those the courts provide, is a viable means to reaching an amicable resolution. Arbitration involves an expert who will provide a binding decision based on facts, existing contracts and applicable laws.

ADR can be successfully used in virtually any type of dispute, but is a growing trend in certain areas such as Family Law. In particular, the development of the Collaborative Divorce area in family law is getting traction. It is a team-oriented, problem-solving approach whereby both parties work together outside of the courts, helping to protect one another’s dignity and easing stress. The process could include financial advisors, mental health professionals, and childcare specialists, in addition to your lawyer. For more information, see our Family Law page.