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Personal injury can affect your physical and mental well being, as well as your financial stability. Whether the effects are short term or longer in duration, you should be compensated for these losses, and provided with the tools needed to work toward recovery.

The protection of these rights must occur fairly soon after the incident. It is important that you take active steps to seek legal advice and act quickly, so as to ensure that you receive proper diagnosis and the right care for your injuries, and to ensure your interests are fully protected.

Our Personal Injury Services

For nearly 40 years, Cohen Buchan Edwards LLP has been helping victims of accidents.

We handle personal injuries claims ranging from whiplash and sprains to more serious injuries such as spinal cord and brain injury and other forms of catastrophic loss. We also assist family members in pursing claims for wrongful death.

We Advocate for Personal Injury Clients

One of our experienced lawyers will meet with you during your initial consultation, and will remain 100% involved throughout each stage of your claim. We will consult on your behalf with treating physicians, support therapists, accounting and actuarial experts as needed. Our ability to interpret technical medical documents empowers us to pursue excellent financial results for you.

We seek settlements for you through negotiation and mediation first, helping to alleviate additional stress that going to court can cause. But if litigation becomes the most appropriate course of action, we will fight for you in court. We are skillful litigators and have appeared at all levels of court, including the BC Supreme Court and BC Court of Appeal.

Unlike many other personal injury lawyers, we never represent ICBC. That means that in all instances, we focus on individuals. We will be your strongest advocates.

Our Fees

We handle personal injury files on a contingency basis. That means that we only get paid after you get paid. It’s that easy.

Contact us today, if you would like to discuss your best course of action following an accident.