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Meeting a Lawyer Virtually

Have you considered meeting a lawyer virtually ? Despite the confines of social distancing, we remain available to you online through Zoom or other platforms such as BlueJeans.

We can do client meetings virtually and exchange documents online.
We can conduct virtual mediations, arbitrations and collaborative four-way meetings.

Have you considered mediating court applications? We can resolve interim disputes and keep litigation moving. Garth Edwards can work with you to  find solutions to the problems you are having today. As a qualified Family Lawyer, in Arbitration, Mediation and Collaborative Divorce with years of experience, Garth Edwards can help. Meeting a lawyer virtually today may mean you do not have to wait for a solution until life returns to normal.

Garth Edwards is a qualified, Family Law Arbitrator and Family Law Mediator and Collaborative Family Lawyer.

Various platforms are ideal for mediations while social distancing remains the norm. Virtual mediations are particularly useful in situations of family violence. We have full facilities for breakout rooms and private meetings either virtually or physically in our office.

Zoom Is Currently the Preferred Platform for Conducting family law meetings. 

We continue to represent clients from the far reaches of the province and never need to meet in person if you are homebound or the cost of travel is prohibitive.

Contact Garth Edwards today to make an appointment and discuss your needs. 604.231.3497