What does a Spouse need to know before filing for divorce?


From a lawyer’s perspective, the first thing you need to know about a client that is considering filing for a divorce is whether or not they’re satisfied that the marriage is at an end. That is, really, the most important question. Sometimes people simply want advice as to generally what might happen if they did, in fact, end their relationship. And that’s fair enough.

If a client is already certain in their decision to file for divorce, they should understand that each divorce proceeding is unique. Often, clients will come to you and ask how the divorce can be dealt with in a practical way, with the least amount of cost. Most clients don’t want to pay more than they absolutely have too, which is certainly understandable. However, the reality is that each case is different. 

Some cases are fairly straightforward and can be resolved quickly. Some are more complicated and take quite a while to resolve, and it can be hard to predict from the beginning which way any given case will go. One thing that is almost universally true, is that at some point in the case there will be some wrinkly that needs to be dealt with that is quite out of the ordinary. 

The one thing that a spouse should understand before filing for divorce is that every case has its unique challenges. To say that all cases are the same, or even that many cases are the same, simply isn’t realistic. So be prepared for unexpected obstacles to arise, and trust that your lawyer will work on your behalf and in your best interest.